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Goals of the Society

The Raleigh Tavern Philosophical Society is a group of individuals in Tomball, TX, USA who meet eight times each year to discuss ideas of political, cultural, historical and philosophical significance. At each meeting, a member delivers a formal paper, followed by extensive discussion of the issues raised. The final versions of these papers , reflecting revisions made after the discussants have helped the author to hone the arguments, reside at this Web Site.
The name Raleigh Tavern Philosophical Society commemorates the hospitality establishment of the same name in Williamsburg, Virginia which served as a center of conviviality and discourse in the age of the American Revolution. We celebrate the spirit of inquiry and intellect which marked the conversations at the Raleigh Tavern: the present Philosophical Society strives to emulate the spirit of the original Raleigh Tavern.

Members of the Philosophical Society

These are the current members of the
Raleigh Tavern Philosophical Society

  • Michael Capistran

  • Bob Eubank

  • Clifton Fox

  • Jay Hargett

  • Catherine Harrison

  • Patrick Hebert

  • James Sloan

  • Babu Srinivasan

Adjunct Members

  • John Payne

  • Beverly Tucker

  • David Turrell

Emeritus Members

  • Tom Lovell

  • Lance Tarrance, Jr.

Additional Information
Lecture Traditions of the Raleigh Tavern Philosophical Society