Important Things People Should See While Buying A Mattress

If your mattress is uncomfortable or causing you aches and pains or allergy issues, it’s time to trade it in. Your body changes over time, so even if the mattress is still in great condition, you might find in five or 10 years’ time you prefer something a little firmer or softer.

A European certified 100 percent natural latex mattress from Willow Mattress has a three-layer adjustable comfort system. If you decide you want to make it firmer or softer, you can do so without buying a whole new mattress.

Do mattresses deteriorate quicker in India than they might in my home country?

It’s a fact that humid environments cause faster deterioration of most materials especially synthetics so you need a material that’s both natural and naturally durable.

What are the main things we should look for when buying a mattress?

Home Trail: A good brand will allow you to trail the mattress at home to ensure you’re completely happy. If you’re not truly happy, they should offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Certification: Are the mattress and its material certified by a trusted body as being non-toxic and of good quality and durability?

Origin of material: Mattresses that have been shipped all over the globe will have accrued many costs along the way, which can end up being passed onto you. You may actually be paying a high price for shipping, rather than for the quality of the materials.

How can a mattress help me sleep better?

The better your quality of sleep, the better your quality of life – from energy levels to your immune system, to your moods and productivity. And the quality and properties of your mattress have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. Here are some ways this best orthopedic mattress in India can help.

A 100 percent natural latex mattress conforms to you, rather than you conforming to the mattress. This ensures your spine is in its natural straight position and there are no pressure points that cause you to reposition and rouse from deep sleep.

In India hot sticky climate, it can be impossible to sleep well. One hundred percent natural latex has an open-cell structure so by its very nature, is breathable and allows air to flow, because of the elastic nature of 100 percent natural latex, you won’t feel your partner moving around.

Sneezing, itching and a runny nose due to dust mites, mould and dirt are common issues, and asthma can also develop or become worse in humid conditions. One hundred percent natural latex mattresses are made from white sap meaning they’re anti mould and anti-dust mite.

The Willow Mattress is covered in an organic cotton cover, which can be unzipped and put in the washing machine. So, you can wash away any sweat, accidents or the build-up of dead skin cells.





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